Fastest Hacking & Recovery Services with Premium Software

In this internet age of social media – a fast, trustworthy and easy-to-use service to hire a hacker is important, useful and sometimes powerful. No upfront payment is required!

Advanced Methods & Exploits

We are constantly updated with the newest exploits, zero-days, and hacking methods. We also have our dedicated research team for finding vulnerabilities. We are always trying new things to give you the best experience.

Keep your privacy

We keep no activity logs, meaning your orders can’t be tracked, and we even encourage anonymous payments via cash or one of the cryptocurrencies we accept. Your order details are erased after job completion, ensuring that your device’s activity and orders are not linked to you.

Trusted by 40,000+ Users

Using Hafnium is straightforward and simple – Contact us using our chatbox to hire a hacker. You won’t need to waste time registering accounts or waiting hours for an email reply. We built Hafnium with ease of use in mind.

Monitor your target easily

We give you complete control over your target, allowing you to spy on them, monitor their chats, control their devices and more. It requires no physical access, runs in stealth mode, and is impossible to detect or remove.

That is why we provide a service to hire a hacker that offers permanent access to your target device for a one-time fee.

Getting started with Hafnium

1. Decide what service you need

Before you message us, you should decide what service you will hire us for. You can contact us through the live chat box if you have questions about a service or its price.

2. Contact us to get started

Message us through our live chatbox, explain what hacking services you need and tell us your budget. You’re ready to hire a hacker.

3. Receive services

The assigned hacker will complete the job within the chosen time and guide you through the remaining process. Please read our guide for more info.

4. Payment for the service

Just a one-time payment will complete your order. so that you pay the assigned hacker. We only collect fees after we deliver services. In that case, you have the buyer’s protection of not having to trust us with upfront payment.

Our Services

Hire A Hacker to Recover Bitcoin

Hacked, stolen or lost Bitcoins? Talk to us for a curated solution to your successful recovery.

Get Premium Software

Get your licensed software, not cracked version. All software is available in different versions and can accommodate varying numbers of users.

Android Mobile Spy App

Find out if your spouse cheated on you or why the new girl is promoted quickly. Unfair treatment leads to using unfair powers.

iPhone Mobile Spy App

Do you think iPhone is unhackable? You read too many advertisements, talk to us and hear the truth behind iServices.

Hire A Hacker for Cellphone Monitoring

Do you need to record someone's conversation? Not only do telecommunication companies do it, but we also do too. Learn more.

Hire A Hacker to Fix Credit Score

CPN does not exist, but credit scores can be fixed by hacking. Tell us about your situation, and we will provide a solution.

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You don’t have to send us money in advance. You make payment only after you receive the required services. Professional hacker groups will never ask you for upfront payment.

Our clients consist of both Individual and Corporate clients, Nobelium Hackers have a wide range of services available to you. Some of the commonly requested services includes

  • Hiring a hacker with us to spy on mobile devices, for both iOS and Android remote spy app installation.
  • Recovery of lost bitcoin or USDT ( Coverge for ERC20, TRX20 ) that were scammed or stolen by malicious actors.
  • Hire a hacker to recover social media accounts, or to obtain an account you desire.

Silence is the best virtue. Do not speak of what you managed to acquire on the Internet freely among your friends and social networks, we have your tracks covered for hiring a hacker online. But we cannot stop rumors spreaded by mouth, your privacy is our priority.

*Free consultation available using the chatbox, if you have privacy concerns.

Summarizing the average success rates with affirmed satisfaction from customers, our current successful hacking attempts are approximately 93.6%. Our refund policies will ensure you to never pay for what you didn’t receive when you hire a hacker from Hafnium Hackers.

Our refunding policies are hereby stated, and reinforced in every client order, without exceptions.

We don’t take upfront payments. We only collect fees after we deliver services.
In that case, you have the buyer’s protection of not having to trust us with upfront payment.