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Hafnium Hackers formed as the collective intelligence to conduct and delivers specific, coordinated cyber incidents. Almost two decades ago, a few Russian hackers deferred from the traditional methodologies back then that hacking belongs to the hobbies category.

This notion ignited the divergence of ideologies from the original search for freedom of information by the Chaos Computer Club. Eventually, evolving to the entrepreneurship of the monetary compensation model in return for the valuable hacking powers their skills provide.

During the majority of our existence, we have quietly learned and advanced among the shadows. We registered dehackteam.com in 2003. However, we conducted zero marketing and services as the Internet landscape was still young. Time drifted during those periods when we were solely involved in demonstrating abuse possibilities in information security problems.

One year later, the Tor principle was introduced to the world by Naval Research Laboratory. Onion routing in those days created the possibility to surf the Internet, chat, and send messages anonymously. We launched our hire hacker services in the Onion domains. Tor was the imperfect perfection. Tor effectively reduced the likelihood of cross-domain tracking back to an end-user and was widely accepted as the foundation for hacking-related services purchases.

Since the release of the first smartphone model by Steve Jobs, the pace of the Internet’s evolution has quickened significantly. Ever since most of the world discovered Tor and everyone started their adventures, believers had seen it as some kind of second coming to their freedom. The lesser ones blogged and preached about it, but some guys who also had monetary concerns in their thinking went even further.

After 11 years into the Millenium, these beliefs took roots and grew into movements. Darknet marketplace owners – may be born with extraordinary abilities, and yet still, they are children stumbling in the dark, attempting their best to be the One. Such gifts are simply a curse. Give them wings, and they may fly too close to the sun. Give them the fabricated claims of anonymity and immortality, and they may think there is nothing left to obstruct their quest to rule the world.

From that, while we continued operating mainly on the dark web, directives were reconstructed quickly. We started the journey to slowly transcend towards the clear web in search of more clients and sales due to the dark web being unknown to commoners, with negative perspectives due to hundreds of scams that also included owners of dark net marketplaces. Hafnium no longer wants to be associated with the dark web anymore.

Exiting the reminiscence of history, we have identified many problems related to hiring hacker services. From the spring up of various veiled mobile spy apps never capable of installation without physical contact of target phones to the hilarious claims of hacking capabilities anyone can find on Quora where the hacker leaves a WhatsApp number for jobs-related messages. The forest had grown rank and needed clearing for new growth, and we will conduct it our way to return the scene cleansed of these scammers.

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Facebook Hacking

We offer any Facebook hacking service. Hack any account and get the original password without notifying the targets. Facebook Password Hacker. We Offer Facebook and Messenger Account Hacking.

Email Hacking

Our professional hackers team can hack almost any email accounts. Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail within 5 days! Hack any accounts!

Phone Hacking

Currently our professional hackers team offering two type of phone hacking service, Android and iOS. Our Hackers can hack any smartphone within 7 days remotely!

What We Do

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